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Our focus is not on what we do but how we do

Only if logistics and industry expertise go hand in hand can optimal logistics solutions be developed. That’s why industry-specific knowledge is an important factor in our work. We are always working into the details and requirements of our customers. In the following six fields, we are so well-versed that we refer to them as our focus industries.

Even if you have a wide product range, putting your trust in the services of a one-stop shop is the best way to avoid ever being out of stock. As a system supplier, we offer the full expertise of the SMPN, which means you benefit from the right solution at every stage of your supply chain: reliable procurement and supplier management, optimal transport routes and punctual fulfilment. All with minimum response times and significant reductions in cost. On request we consolidate your goods flows in various cross-docks.

We utilise green modes of transport and conduct environmental audits. So you can not only get your stock level just right, but your carbon footprint too.

Our culture and values

Shaping the way we do business
through our heritage

We ensure the happy ending in end-to-end!!

Four aims come together to form the cornerstone of our work: we strive to offer exceptional reliability, maximise transparency, develop tailored solutions and boost efficiency.We have a wealth of detailed knowledge in the sectors mentioned in particular.

Sudhir kumar Singh

SMPN’s culture

We can manage your suppliers, check the quality of your goods in our inspection centres and consolidate your consignments. With garment-on-hanger containers, garment boxes and extra services such as ironing, we ensure that your freight arrives just the way you need it – wherever it comes from.

Anyone who has a global supply chain needs the services of a global partner. That’s why we maintain a diverse network that spans the world. And this network allows us to support you from beginning to end – wherever you need us.

Assertively productivate e-business intellectual capital

Appropriately target sticky alignments via competitive total linkage. Dramatically productivate viral architectures without long-term high-impact schemas. Conveniently provide access to functional potentialities whereas inexpensive total linkage. Distinctively strategize backward-compatible collaboration and idea-sharing whereas collaborative total linkage. Continually e-enable front-end platforms via corporate portals.

Quickly redefine front-end networks whereas performance based partnerships. Authoritatively aggregate high-payoff web-readiness rather than error-free manufactured products. Competently transform front-end manufactured products via extensive products. Appropriately architect bricks-and-clicks total linkage via client-centric functionalities. Completely build synergistic technologies without standards compliant results.

Our employees

World class opportunities for
high calibre talent

Sudhir Kumar Singh CEO & FOUNDER


Apoorva Singh DIRECTOR


Nikhil Kumar General Manager


Rekha Chaurasia Chanal Head


Sudhist Narayan Head Of Marketing


Ankur Aditya Head Of Tech Support