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Many relocation customers haven’t finalized their destination. Some are waiting for homes to be built, some are moving into apartments which can’t accommodate all of their belongings, and some just need extra space.

imageAt Hart Moving & Storage, our storage facility operates a little differently. We offer a sanitized & military approved warehouse where your items are vaulted & secured. Our facility is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your protection.

Don’t let the hassle and clutter of record keeping fill your office with paperwork and boxes. Store your documents at Hart Moving and Storage where they are kept safe and accessible, yet out of YOUR way. When you need a file or document delivered, we are just a phone call away.
We are your local FINAL MILE delivery service! Having something delivered that is too large or heavy to manage curbside by yourself? Have it delivered to us! We will then schedule a delivery time with you that works best FOR you, with the manpower to get it unloaded and moved in!

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image Our Indian warehouses are fully compliant with all federal, provincial. We routinely handle shipments of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, electronics and other fragile materials. Who uses SMPN? For a list of our customers, browse Our Customers gallery on our Home page.
Want to monitor your inventory status? SMPN can provide you with secure access to our system to view your inventory status in real time, any time. With an assigned username and password, you have instant access to your live data.