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Transportation & Logistics

Simplifying your supply chain logistics.SMPN Truckload,Volume,Meeting your changing logistics needs.

Moving & Storage

SMPN has had the honor of moving and storing some of the most prestigious items and

Shipping Operations

Our experienced team of movers handles every move with care whether it is Patna house or your next door neighbor’s.

We do care about your cargo!

As a company you want to be alert to every change in the market, and the new situations and opportunities they offer.SMPN understands this requires innovative transport solutions. Solutions that match your specific requirements and enable your company to focus on its’ strengths.

SMPN, established in 2017,But we have Champions of Experience.Since 1995
When we speak about online bookings here, we are not talking about a contact form. A contact form does not provide our customers with a clear view of your availability. A contact form does not allow your customers to book directly and pay and get confirmed automatically. A proper online booking system must, at the least be able to perform these two tasks as they are core to providing good customer service.
SMPN is the first courier service providing online booking system in BIHAR


Why Chose Us

Because We believe in Customer Satisfaction

We CARE about supply chain competiveness

Together with you, we care about creating the best logistics blueprint. We will not only take care of the design and planning, but also the implementation of a totally new operation.

Our transport management systems, which are developed internally by our own engineers, enable us to optimize transport routes and vehicle utilization. The result is minimum transport cost and optimum efficiency.

We CARE about the environment

Transport damages the environment. Ewals Cargo Care is well aware of this and continuously strives to lower our impact on environmental pollution.

We don’t do this just by investing in low emission trucks, but also by maximizing payloads in our vehicles, minimizing the kilometers we run empty, and using our latest IT systems to plan the optimum route. This not only provides the green solution to your supply chain, it also can deliver cost savings through eco-friendly, multimodal options.

We CARE about your capacity requirements

With our own intermodal fleet, and other transport partners, we are able to offer global logistics solutions, delivering flexibility, quality, safety and value.

We CARE about our people

SMPN is a privately owned, with family company employing, each with their own local experience and expertise. With this vast experience, The staff of SMPN is its’ greatest asset that can deliver operational excellence and quality customer service.

Internal training and experience enables everyone to develop their knowledge and increase their expertise to deliver the specific logistics solution you are looking for.

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